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The latest generation of radio apps- now on the Apple Watch

The new Radio Player for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone has a beautiful flat design, which really catches the eye.

The facebook connection of the app keeps the users informed in real-time about the artists and the music which is being played in the app.


Cool design and intuitive functionality associated with an excellent statistic tool


In the Channel list, you can also see what is running on other channels and so never miss your favorite song.

Of course you can also surf on the mobile web sites of the radio station.

Furthermore, we provide a statistical tool that leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

Buy Online, get started today, go to Next Level!

If you need help, send a mail to support(at)

Live Statistics

The included best of breed statistics dashboard will give you a great overview of the users, their listening habits and the success of your promotions. All in real time!

Best Rich Media Advertising

We team up with the best and most innovative advertising partners to guarantee the best rich media experience and the best monetization for your apps. Radio Stations get 60% of the advertising revenue

Flat design, fast animations

We have created our own blazing fast and 3D accelerated framework to get the maximum performance for animations and transitions.

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